Three Pieces of Career Advice from the Morning Run


Three Pieces of Career Advice from the Morning Run

I love words, love word-play, and I love hip-hop/rap. I will write about this more fully at some point, but this is typically the only music I listen to while working out or pre-gaming for an audition or performance or The Day Job. Here are some great quotes for career inspiration  (aka, motivation to hustle until I can Quit The Day Job) just from this morning. Submitting without comment. Enjoy.

I’m not a businessman. I’m a business, man.

– Jay-Z, “Diamonds from Sierra Leone”


Why can’t you stay up practicing that?! If practice makes perfect, why do you just specialize in fun things, and not in the things that require effort, commitment, and sacrifice?!

-James David Manning, from “In the A” outro.


Do you B) hit the street hard with a flair

Or do you A) go to school for heating and air?

Dare make an honest living or make a crooked killing

Or do a bit of both until you’re holding on a million?

Brilliant. You got one foot in, one foot out

You put your left foot back in and then you shake it all about

You do the hokey pokey til you turn your life around

That’s what it’s all about.

-Andre 3000, “Royal Flush”


Just a note here. (I said I wouldn’t comment, but you know I frequently change my mind.) Andre 3000 a.k.a Dre or 3 Stacks is one of the premier lyricists in the game. His storytelling prowess in particular is unique and unmatched…and dear actor/singer friends, I am OBSESSED with his natural squillo and legato flow which makes his voice fascinating, versatile, expressive, and beautiful to record. I am inspired by his technique alone.



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