Open heart, open throat, open mind

English: Rosa 'Peace' - hybrid tea rose; Peace...
English: Rosa ‘Peace’ – hybrid tea rose; Peace rose in full bloom, showing off the delicate shading from yellow to pink.

Many of the vocal issues I’ve dealt with are the result of a lack of flow in the instrument (body) and lack of congruence between body and mind. Shout out to Karen Hoyos for the inspiration here.

If I felt fear, it showed up in an incredibly tense vocal tract and an unfocused mind.

Here’s how I’ve dealt with it: I practiced opening up my heart as widely as possible, and then I sang what came out…without judgment the entire time.

If I felt mad, I sang out the anger. If I felt afraid, I sang that. If I felt sexy and beautiful I sang that, and if I was feeling silly…well, you get the picture. Tears and laughter are an inevitable part of this process too, so go with it.

I started giving my heart her voice back.

Now, seriously, don’t do this with your arias or art music, don’t even try this “therapy” with rep you may sing one day. Do this with scales and arpeggios and material that is out of your fach.

Every day you have to practice opening up your heart, I don’t think anyone can honestly say that they don’t. If you are a singer with flow and congruence issues (raise your hand if you’re not-I want to take you to dinner) you can benefit from a few minutes a day in an open heart meditation.

When I prepare to sing these days, I am reminding myself: “Open heart, open throat, open mind”.

More on the open mind journey next time…



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